Benedetto is a Freelance Brand & Marketing Director based in Glasgow. He helps organisations create new brands, drive forward marketing activities and manage creative services.

In practice that means copy drafted, pictures taken, websites launched, values established, brand experiences formalised, campaigns winning new friends, fresh materials in hands of grateful sales teams, basic messaging resolved-personalised-and-honed for different stakeholders, social media abuzz with the latest noise from your organisation.

It also means marketing plans drawn-up, complex projects managed, agencies managed too, new projects off the ground, old projects completed, the occasional project rescued. All done faster, to a better standard and surpassing expectations of cost in the process.

Whatever the brand-marketing-creative challenge, Benedetto is the person to understand what needs to be done and make it happen in double-quick time.



A selection of some of the people Benedetto supports in his role as a Freelance Brand & Marketing Director. 
– Company Directors/Management Teams looking for temporary/part-time support with brand, marketing & creative direction.
– Leaders in Software/Technology spaces looking for help with different aspects of brand, marketing and communications. 
– Leaders of organisations with complex offerings looking to create more ‘easy-to-understand’ and effective communications. 
– Management Teams of larger organisations looking to formalise company culture. (Values, vision & mission, etc.)
– Investors of scale-up companies looking assistance with the brand/marketing activities of their portfolio companies. 
– Entrepreneurs/Company Founders wanting to create a new brand from scratch. 
– Leaders of companies that are looking for help with the brand/marketing of a new product or service launch. 
– Owners of large creative agencies that are looking for a temporary Creative Director.
– Leaders of organisations who are exploring brand/marketing/creative services for the first time. 
– Leaders of organisations that are looking to raise significant investment to scale their operations. 
– Other Brand/Marketing Leaders that are looking for temporary support for their organisations. 


Creative agency owner with more than a decade's experience working with a broad range of organisations on a wide range of brand-marketing-creative projects.

Software companies that are growing rapidly, whisky distilleries wanting to freshen their appearance, industrial companies communicating new ideas, professional service companies wanting a new image, transformative digital projects, high-impact brands, start-ups, re-launches, scale-ups and so much more.

In over 10 years, Benedetto has gained an incredible set of experiences working with top brands, exceptional organisations and impactful leaders. He has led countless creative teams, produced stunningly effective communications, meaningful new brands, worked hand-in-hand with exceptional leaders & management teams to generate new ideas, manage creative projects and help them achieve their goals. His experience spans all brand-marketing-creative services there are – print, digital, video, experiential, etc.

Benedetto is a practical, fast-moving and creative person – a freelance brand & marketing director who likes big ideas, real creativity and to get things done and done quickly. Somebody that loves serving others and a born collaborator. Known as ‘Mr Action,’ he is the host of a video podcast called LOFTCAST, and through the loft, generously supports MCR Pathways, Young Enterprise Scotland and Sisco. A person with a real zest for life, he has a genuine love for business, entrepreneurship and helping others realise their full potential.




" Benedetto has a rare combination of skills, experience and attitude. As an entrepreneur himself he knows first-hand the need for drive, innovation and determination to a deadline. Theory doesn’t live with deadlines. Quality creativity to help makes things happen is where I have seen him shine over many years. He wants to think as you do, become the client and go the extra mile. He is trusted by brands, helping delivery effective strategies and competitive advantage. He doesn’t rest and is always thinking of 'other' ways to improve outcomes and impact. Dynamic yet resilient. What else would you want for your brand. "
Iain MacRitchie
PE Chair, Social Entrepreneur, Growth & Change Specialist

" We’ve worked with Benedetto for a number of years now and in that time he’s helped us win several pieces of new business with some of the biggest and most recognisable brands in the world. He always gets it straight away, has a great sensitivity to brands, is willing to go the extra mile and can mould Powerpoint Pitch Decks in ways we’ve never seen before. Finally, we are always working towards incredibly tight deadlines at Wave and our overnight shifts with Benedetto complete with last-minute amends have become legendary. An integral part of our pitch team. "
Managing Director at WAVE Agency
" Benedetto has been hugely innovative and supportive of all projects that I have passed onto him over a number of years. In particular, turning around our Bridge 2 Business brand and the Young Enterprise Scotland Strategic Plan projects, on time and on budget in very creative ways."
geoff leask
CEO of Young Enterprise Scotland
" I’ve known Benedetto for the best part of 10 years and he positively brims with innovation, attention to detail and enthusiasm. He has a rare ability to turn creative outputs around very quickly and effectively. He intuitively understands us as clients and has been instrumental in creating one of our key identities and some vital member communications. "
Richard Muir
Deputy CEO of Glasgow Chamber Of Commerce
" Over the past 10 or so years, myself and Benedetto have worked together on several important projects for Altia Solutions. From a completly new identity for both the company and the software products to working closely with me in developing the SOCEX brand. I´ve always found him to be receptive to our ideas and always delivers new and exciting design concepts from a revitalised on-line presence through to conference collateral materials, printed brochures and product infographics. This work has helped to create a group brand image that is now part of the company’s culture and this has definitely helped in our world-wide growth. He is good fun to work with but always very serious about his creative work. "
Ian Watson
Non-Exec Director of Altia-ABM Group


With years of experience leading a creative agency, working with many clients across many disciplines – Benedetto has a vast & unique set of skills that he can offer as a freelance brand & marketing director. These are just some of the ways he can add value. 

If your website’s a bit old, your materials a bit tired or what you’ve got no longer fits with what you do. Benedetto is able to help – he’ll quickly pinpoint what needs to be done, suggest some ideas, put together a plan of action, make sure it’s budgeted and then prioritise some quick actions. He is happy to then walk away and leave you to work the plan or roll up his sleeves, start making calls and get things moving right away.

Whether it’s a new business, a new brand, a new product or a new service – if you’ve got something on the horizon and it’s going to need a brand created, or marketed in some way then Benedetto is ready to help. He’ll quickly understand what is special about your offering, who it’s aimed at, how the messages should be shaped to different users, what are the priorities, etc and he’ll move into action at double-quick speed. He loves a deadline and all the time will have the project budget at the back of his mind to ensure value.

If you’re part of a group or a collection of companies and want to make sure all of your communications look and sound ‘On Brand’ then Benedetto is able to help. He’ll listen to your concerns, if necessary pinpoint any problem areas, where things could be improved, put together some recommendations and then either leave you to it or get moving to improve things on your behalf.

If marketing isn’t really your thing, branding’s a bit of a mystery and you know social media’s important but wouldn’t know where to start then Benedetto can help you out. As a freelance brand & marketing director, he’ll listen to what you want to achieve, what’s best for the business – he’ll give you some ideas, put a plan together if necessary, tell you which actions will make the biggest difference right away and then leave you to it – or get things in motion on your behalf.

At the end of the day, we all know that attracting new customers, on-boarding new staff members, building new supplier relationships, etc is much more costly and time-consuming than building better relationships with the people you already know. Benedetto understands better than most the power of retention and is able to help you achieve more of it for your business. He’ll carefully listen to whom you want to build better relationships, explore lots of creative ideas and either leave you to get on with it or roll up his sleeves and help you out. Creative brand experiences, internal campaigns, external campaigns can all be delivered and benchmarked against your goals.

If you happen to be a part of a tech company, a software company or an organisation with a slightly challenging business proposition then Benedetto is one of the few people that can really help you out. Due to years working with such companies – he gets the importance of ‘truly’ understanding the value of what you’re doing ,of what you’ve created, altering the various messages for different user-groups, coming up with creative ways to help you reach your audience, testing different ways to communicate and then measuring as you go. ‘Simplifying Complexity’ is a particular strength of his and something he just loves getting involved with…

If you’re one of those organisations who regularly pitches for new business and regularly fails or one that regularly wins (so much so that you can’t get the people to deliver your next presentation,) Benedetto can help. With a wealth of experience pitching for investment, for new clients and for various projects – Benedetto understands the importance of really getting to the heart of the brief, what your prospect is REALLY looking for – the human connection – exploring different ways to respond, when to be bold and when to conform and then delivering with absolute clarity, absolute confidence. Whether it is a written response, a pitch deck or even a verbal presentation – he always has designs for your success.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a business owner or an investment group – raising money can have an absolutely transformative effect on what you do. If you’re looking for somebody that can tie it all together and deliver it in a way that impresses the person you’re pitching too then Benedetto can undoubtedly help. He’ll listen to what you want to achieve, carefully (almost forensically) study what you’re offering, look for the little nuggets of information that will make a difference and then align that with who you’re asking for money. Always carefully, always creatively, sometimes sparsly, delivering each message to the end recipient in a way that is most likely to have them buying into what you do.

If your agency is over the limit in terms of the amount of work you’ve got – you’re unacceptably close to letting clients down, your under-resourced or can’t take on new work due to being too busy then Benedetto can help. With years of deadline-focussed agency experience – Benedetto knows how to rescue client relationships, bring projects quickly back on track and ultimately deliver on-time, on-budget and to a high quality. He’ll listen to the issues at hand, what you want to achieve, inform straight away if he can help, then get things moving.

For those in bigger companies with lots of communications going out on a daily basis from your in-house team, but are looking for greater consistency and effectiveness – then Benedetto can help. He’ll carefully listen to what you want to do, have a look at your comms, give you a quick answer if he can help, then give you some ideas for improvement. He’ll work with yourself and your team to achieve something more desirable and ensure the quality is exactly as you want.

If you’re a business owner, organisational leader or entrepreneur looking to scale up what you’re doing and need a As a freelance brand and marketing director, he has a real passion for business, tonnes of experience working with scale-up organisations and a track-record of delivering important projects to tight deadlines – the perfect person to support your vision.

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