Something Bigger Than Self


It’s definitely been great to have the opportunity to ‘think‘ a bit more recently.


For those of you that don’t know me well – I’m the guy that likes to charge ahead, the man who’s labelled ‘Mr Action’ on his company’s website, the person who likes to stay busy, etc…


But even I have to admit there are restorative benefits to a good rest – which I’ve had during this crisis.


However, even more recently, 3 things have happened which has got me thinking more about the future..


1) We’re just concluding our ‘Resurgence’ video podcast series featuring interviews with some of the top business and organisation leaders in the country.


2) I’ve started re-reading James Watt, Founder of Brewdog’s, brilliant business book – ‘Break All The Rules The Brewdog Way’


3) And although, not much of a tv-viewer, I’ve started watching the ‘West Wing’ again which is unbelievably 20 years old.


In all three instances, the idea in serving something much bigger than yourself has really hit me.


Bob Keiller, Iain MacRitchie, Brian Williamson and David Duke MBE – some of the top leaders in the land all mention the importance of identifying your purpose as a leader numerous times in our interviews. How can you lead others if you don’t know where you are going yourself? How can you be motivated if you don’t know what you’re doing it all for? How can others be inspired if you’re not in-love with what you’re doing yourself?


Picking up James Watt’s book again – 4 years after reading it the first time – has reminded me how important mission is. His and Brewdog’s mission was not to aim for profit – but to introduce the world to beautiful craft beer. Some staggering growth and a million rules hilariously broken along the way are useful reminders of the benefits of doing it his way- but the sheer fun he’s obviously had on his journey is even more inspirational. Making a profit is simply a bi-product of doing what he loves.


Finally, the West Wing, the fictional programme starring Martin Sheen and a whole host of other wonderful actors/actresses simply reminds you the lengths people will go to serve something they truly believe in. The show features the President’s staff who are just unbelievably dedicated in the serving of their leader and his noble cause.


I’ve been through values, vision and mission exercises many times in my life, both personally and for my company but these three recent events has reminded me of the importance of re-visiting them regularly. Like our work, they are never complete, just continuously ‘in-progress.’


With Covid-19 still here, I think they are more important now than ever before…




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