‘Go as far as you can see, when you get there, you’ll see how to go farther.’

One of the areas where we’ve been most successful with helping clients scale their businesses  over the years, with the loft, is with the introduction of super lean action plans – the kind that are put together in a couple of hours, presented in about 15 minutes, approved, implemented and delivering some real value for the client in double-quick time.

No days lost to an overload of consultancy on all parts, no full-day presentations presenting what the client has said back at them, no 22-point strategic plans that are too heavy to get off the ground and no Return-On-Investment that is so far into the future that most would lose interest.

What’s so brilliant about the leaner approach is that it gives the client a quick win, some immediate value, a reason to get excited, something to build on. It’s brilliant for people that are time-poor (almost anybody scaling a company) and most of all – the energy created by it’s success stimulates new and more exciting ideas for growth. It gives everybody something to build on.

Although more weighty strategies will always have a place, I’m a big believer in keeping it light, being a bit more outcome-focussed, a little less hypnotised by the plan and gaining some quick wins along the way.

A brilliant philosophy for rapid growth with brand, marketing and creative services.



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