Hero content is definitely ‘a must-have’ when it comes to managing lots of creative projects, getting out a strong message, locking-in consistency and doing so under tight time pressures. 
What is this fancy phrase ‘hero-content,’ I hear you ask…? 
Well, it can be anything from high-quality photographs, infographics, videos or even text. The big difference is that it is something that is exceptionally well-finished and personal to you or your organisation. Hence the ‘HERO’ part of the title. It’s developed to showcase what is best about a product, service or even an organisation and most importantly it is readily available on-file and can be dragged and dropped, copied and pasted or inserted into just about any marketing/sales/creative communication you’re working on. Most importantly, it can be done so at speed… 
Hero content can include many different things, a sharp and well-finished set of icons selling the benefits of a product, art-directed photography which captures the spirt of an organisation, a professional and up-to date set of portrait pics of the team, an infographic of a metric you’re proud off, it can even be a well-written paragraph of what your company does. (Particularly useful for new-starts that are constantly having to raise investment.) 
When it comes to creating hero-content… 
– We recommend creating it as part of a wider project – a website, a brochure, etc. 
– It is the kind of thing that can be done by anybody but should really be done by a specialist. Make sure you agree full access to the creative and future rights afterwards. 
– Once you have agreement on a style that works – it is best to get as many iterations from your provider as possible – like most innovation projects – the first example takes the longest time to create. Afterwards it’s all downhill from there… 
– And finally – although we’ve created lots of amazing stuff over many years to tight deadlines at the loft, beautiful creative that is still used many years after it was first produced. (Some examples below…)  It really is best to take a tiny step back and give your freelancer/agency a little more time to get this spot on. The results will be compounded, I promise…
As always, if you would like a hand then please don’t hesitate to contact us. 
Hero Content
(From top left to bottom right with the photograph above – the Altia sub-brands that we created way back in early 2014 were used for just about every marketing and brand communication for the fast-growing organisation for 2-3 years and are still used today. The infographic we created with Scottish Leather Group for their Sustainability Report was used by the organisation for many years afterwards including in videos, PowerPoint presentations, multiple reports, etc. The bespoke icon set we created for the Percepta website has formed a crucial part of their overall communications toolkit and the telescope idea we created with Petroleum Experts for their Digital Oil Field which was initially used as a magazine advert still features on the company website and other communications several years on.) 

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